David Rice, a 15-year-old student in Ann Arbor, Michigan, lives with his alcoholic father, William, since his mother, Mary, left when he was five. After falling into a frozen river while recovering a snow globe for Millie, a girl he likes, David discovers he has the ability to "jump", after teleporting to a library. He leaves his father and with the ability to teleport anywhere he has seen before, he moves to New York where he uses his power to rob a bank.

Eight years later, David lives a luxurious life from his penthouse apartment, its walls covered with pictures of places around the world which he "jumps" to. However, a lead from his first bank robbery exposes David to Roland Cox, a "Paladin", a member of a secret society dedicated to killing Jumpers, who know of his ability and have the technology to disable him. However, as Roland believes someone is protecting David, he hesitates before killing him, and David escapes.

David returns to Ann Arbor to find his high school nemesis Mark recognizes him and he and David get into a fight. David teleports Mark to the bank vault in New York City, and returns. He invites Millie to join him on a trip to Rome, which she accepts. Millie is suspicious of all this money that David appears to have and asks him not to lie to her. The next day David uses his abilities to gain them access to the closed Colosseum, but runs into another Jumper, Griffin, who has been watching David for some time. Griffin explains that his flagrant jumping has attracted attention, and two Paladins appear. The ensuing battle displays both Griffin's jumping talent and the hunters' ability to sense jumps; Griffin kills them both. David is caught by the police and arrested. He is unable to jump away, due the fact that they would learn of his ability. Mary shortly arrives and helps David get free, but does not give David any time to ask questions. David finds Millie, who is highly suspicious of David's behavior, but he does not reveal his jumping ability, and puts her aboard a plane back home while David visits Griffin for further investigation. At Griffin's desert lair, Griffin explains about the Paladins, and tells him how he has been on a mission to kill them for their attempts at trying to kill him. Griffin then tells David to leave him alone. Griffin then makes a series of jumps with David following him until Griffin decides to work with him.

David, realizing that the Paladins will go after his father and Millie in order to get to him, jumps back to Ann Arbor to find his father murdered. Roland connected the appearance of Mark in the bank vault to David. David jumps to Millie's apartment to find that Roland and his team are just arriving. Before Roland can react, David grabs Millie and returns the two of them to Griffin's lair.

Griffin, who has been arming himself to fight Roland, is furious with David, because the Paladins have a device that permits them to reopen and traverse the short-lived "jump scar" wake left by a Jumper's teleportation—David has just led Roland right to Griffin's lair. A battle ensues between the Jumpers and Paladins, but Griffin is able to drive the Paladins back to Millie's apartment with a flame thrower, though they grab Millie through the scar before it closes. Griffin plans to teleport a bomb to the apartment, but David tries to stop him to save Millie; the two begin a world-spanning fight, but David eventually traps Griffin in a downed pylon in the middle of a firefight in Chechnya, leaving Griffin's fate unknown.

David jumps to Millie's apartment and is caught by the Paladins. Risking his life, David manages to teleport a section of the apartment to the river where he almost drowned years before, including Millie and Roland, but falls unconscious in the process. However, they are then teleported to the library where David made his first jump. David recovers first, grabs Roland and teleports him to a cave high above the Grand Canyon at Horseshoe Bend. Sometime later, David and Millie travel to Mary's home, and David learns that Mary is a Paladin. She left to avoid having to kill her own son when David was five when he made his first jump. David and Millie then jump to an unknown location.

Jumper is a 2008 American science fiction film from 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises. It is loosely based on the 1992 science fiction novel of the same name by Steven Gould. The film is directed by Doug Liman, director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and stars Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson, Max Thieriot, AnnaSophia Robb, and Diane Lane. The film follows a person capable of teleporting to any location as he is chased by a secret group intent on killing him.

The script went through a rewrite prior to filming and the roles for the main characters were changed during production. Jumper was filmed in 20 cities in 14 countries between 2006 and 2007. The film was released on February 14, 2008 and a soundtrack was released on February 19. The film held the first position in its opening weekend with $27.3 million, despite mostly negative reviews. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes recorded a 16% approval rating and 35/100 on Metacritic. Several novels were developed as tie-ins to the film along with a video game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Wii consoles, named Jumper: Griffin's Story. The DVD was released on June 10, 2008, and both Christensen and Liman have spoken of one or more sequels.

P/S : Love Hayden Christensen acting...

Once Upon A Time In High School (2004)


Kwon, who starred as Hyun-soo, transfers to another school. He is sent to a bottom-rank class and experiences violence in classroom by a group of gangsters in his class, led by Jong-hun, who is a stereotypical Korean bully in school. The teachers are also depicted as authoritarian to the students, using violence for the sake of discipline, as did most Korean teachers in the '70s and to some extent in modern days as well.

Hyun-soo, after a failed relationship with Eunjoo (played by Han Ga In) , decides that he will no longer put up with the conduct of Jong-hun and his boys as well as the harsh and violent disciplinary techniques being put up by the teachers, and so starts to train himself in Jeet Kune Do, inspired by his greatest hero Bruce Lee. His father, a martial artist, frequently resorted to minor violence to discipline his son.

Hyun-soo challenges Jong-hun to a duel one day when he is no longer able to put up with his irrational behaviour. Jong-hun and his friends are grievously injured by Hyun-soo's nunchaku, sometimes referred to as nunchucks. Hyun-soo is expelled after this incident.

Hyun-soo meets his friend Hamburger again at the GED institute and they talk about their past. He meets Eunjoo again, but they say their goodbyes on a bus. Jackie Chan's 1978 movie Drunken Master is featured in the background at the end of the movie as Hamburger and Hyun-soo play a fighting game in front of the cinema complex.
Scene From This Korean Film

~Spirit of Jeet Kune Do: Once Upon a Time in High School (Korean: 말죽거리 잔혹사) is a 2004 South Korean drama film. The background of the film is set in a high school in South Korea, 1978. The original Korean title literally means "Cruel history of Maljuk street" where filming was located in the present neighborhood of Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu district, Seoul.~

P/S : Best korean action film ever.!!! I'm so addicted with this korean film.I'm watcing this film 10x...until now, i'm cannot stop to watching this film.Best fighting scene,good actor and gorgeous life.Love this.!!!! Don't miss it.!

Seniman Bujang Lapok (1961)


Kisah kali ini memaparkan Bujang Lapok yang menganggur berusaha untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan. Mereka tinggal di dalam satu rumah yang besar dan dihuni bersama beberapa kelamin beraneka bangsa dan ragam.

Suatu hari, setelah melihat siar raya (iklan) bagi filem terbaru Shaw Brothers Limited, mereka mendapat ilham untuk menjadi seniman. Merekapun bersiap-siap untuk pergi ke studio Jalan Ampas.

Di sana Manager Che Kemat Hassan, pengurus studio tidak menolak lamaran mereka untuk berkhidmat sebagai seniman. Mereka dibawa berjumpa dengan Director Ahmad Nesfu untuk discreen test.

Sakit jiwa, itulah yang dirasai oleh Director apabila menjalankan proses screen test. Lain yang disuruh lain yang dibuat. Di bawah sinaran bulan purnama diganti dengan di bawah sinaran lampu minyak tanah. Suruh ikut dialog, memandai-mandai buat dialog sendiri. Macam-macam karenah Bujang Lapok.

Namun begitu Manager amat berpuas hati walaupun Director seperti tidak bersetuju. Apa pun Bujang Lapok kini sudah bergelar 'Seniman'.

Ramlee dan Salmah bercengkerama di taman. Berkasih sambil bergurau senda. Setelah itu, Ramlee pulang ke rumah. Di rumah Sudin dan Aziz sedang giat menghafal dialog untuk esok.

Suasana aman dan tenteram tidak pernah dialami di rumah yang penuh sesak itu. Kasihan mereka kerana sukar unutk menumpukan perhatian. Kalau si suami dan 2 orang isterinya tidak berkelahi dengan suara yang kuat, maka bunyi tiupan trompet yang sumbang dari satu bilik yang lain. Jerit pekik, bunyi motosikal, bunyi radio dan banyak lagi.

Esoknya mereka berlakon. Oleh kerena karenah mereka yang memeningkan kepala Director itu telah menyebabkan Director sendiri pengsan. Apalah nasib mereka menjadi seniman. Mereka menjalani kerja dan kehidupan seperti biasa.

Ada satu lagi masalah besar. Ramlee cintakan Salmah dan mahu berkahwin dengannya. Tetapi Ramlee tidak mempunyai wang. Sementara itu, Salmah disuruh ibunya untuk berkahwin denga Shariff Dol, seorang samseng yang kaya dan berpengaruh.

Sedar akan saingannya yang hebat, Ramlee berusaha untuk meraih Salmah. Ramlee dan Shariff Dol berjumpa satu lawan satu. Itupun Ramlee pengsan dibelasah teruk.

Pertunangan Salmah dan Shariff diputuskan apabila ibu Salmah mengetahui hal yang sebenar. Shariff Dol bilang, jangan menyesal Salmah. Berita ini disambut gembira oleh Ramlee.

Sebagai rakan sebilik Ramlee, Sudin menolong dengan batu ajaibnya. Apalah nasibnya. Diharapkan $350 tetapi yang dapat cuma $5 saja daripada Manager Kemat Hassan.

Mujurlah Salmah mempunyai wang simpanan dan dapat menyelamatkan keadaan. Setelah puas bercengkerama mereka pun pulang. Mereka terperanjat apabila mendapati bahawa rumah mereka sedang galak dijilat api. Bagaimana apa itu bermula? Adakah ia dinyalakan orang? Terfikir oleh Salmah ia perbuatan Shariff Dol. Mereka berkumpul beramai-ramai. Kemudian mereka ke rumah Shariff Dol.

Di rumah Shariff Dol, Ramlee telah membelasah Shariff secukup-cukupnya sehingga Shariff menyerah kalah. Tindakan Ramlee ini berikutan penemuan dompet Shariff Dol berhampiran rumah mereka. Shariff ditangkap dan diserahkan kepada pihak polis.

Sesudah itu, Salmah membawa berita gembira buat Ramlee. Mereka boleh berkahwin kerana duit yang disangkakan terbakar sebenarnya telah selamat disimpan oleh ibunya di Pejabat Pos.

Antara scene/sedutan dalam filem ni

P/S : Bagi aku filem Seniman Bujang Lapok ni antara filem terbaik P.Ramlee.Bagi aku la,...hehehe banyak yang scene kelakar dalam filem ni.

Interview With The Vampire (1994)


In San Francisco, a vampire named Louis tells his 200-year-long life story to reporter Daniel Molloy (who is only referred to as "the boy" in the novel).

In 1791, Louis was a young indigo plantation owner living south of New Orleans, Louisiana. Distraught with his brother's death, he seeks death in any way possible, Louis is approached by a vampire named Lestat, who desires Louis' company. Lestat turns Louis into a vampire (although initially Louis merely begs to be killed) and the two become immortal companions. Lestat spends some time feeding off the local plantation slaves while Louis, who finds it morally impossible for him to murder humans to survive, feeds from animals.

Louis and Lestat are forced to leave when Louis' slaves begin to fear the monsters with which they live and instigate an uprising. Louis sets his own plantation aflame; he and Lestat exterminate the plantation slaves to keep word from spreading about vampires living in Louisiana. Gradually, Louis bends under Lestat's influence and begins feeding from humans. He slowly comes to terms with his vampire nature but also becomes increasingly repulsed by what he perceives as Lestat's total lack of compassion for the humans he preys upon.

Escaping to New Orleans proper, Louis feeds off a plague-ridden young girl one night, whom he finds next to the corpse of her mother. Louis begins to think of leaving Lestat and going his own way. Fearing that, Lestat then turns the girl into a vampire "daughter" for them, to give Louis a reason to stay. She is then given the name "Claudia".

Inititally, Louis is horrified that Lestat has turned a child into a vampire, but instantly cares for Claudia tenderly and dotingly. Claudia takes to killing people easily, but over time begins to hate Lestat as she realizes she can never grow up; although her mind matures into that of an intelligent, assertive woman, her body remains that of a six-year-old girl. After 60 years of living together, Claudia hatches a plot to dispose of Lestat by poisoning him and cutting his throat. Claudia and Louis then dump his body into a nearby swamp. After realizing that they seem to now be the only vampires living in America, Claudia desires to travel to Europe with Louis and seek out "Old World" vampires.

As Louis and Claudia prepare to flee to Europe, Lestat appears, having survived and recovered from Claudia's attack, and attacks them in turn. Louis sets fire to their home and barely escapes with Claudia, leaving a furious Lestat to be consumed by the flames.

Arriving in Europe, Louis and Claudia seek out more of their kind. They travel throughout eastern Europe first and do indeed encounter vampires, but these vampires appear to be nothing more than animated corpses, mindless and unintelligible. It is only when they reach Paris that they encounter vampires like themselves - specifically, the 400-year-old vampire Armand and his coven, the Théâtre des Vampires. Inhabiting an ancient theater, Armand and his vampire coven disguise themselves as humans and feed on live, terrified humans in mock-plays before a live human audience (who think the killings are merely a very realistic performance). Claudia is repulsed by these vampires and what she considers to be their cheap theatrics. Santiago, a prominent figure among the vampire coven, suspects Claudia and Louis of killing their maker. One rule among the vampires there is death to any vampire who kills their own kind.

Claudia demands that Louis turn a human Parisian dollmaker, Madeleine, into a vampire to serve as both a mother figure and a replacement for Lestat. Louis at first refuses but, after realizing Claudia's plight, gives in and makes Madeleine into a vampire. Louis, Madeleine and Claudia live together for a brief time but all three are abducted one night by the Theatre vampires. Lestat has arrived - having survived the fire and attempted murder in New Orleans. His accusations against Louis and Claudia result in Louis being locked in a coffin to starve, while Claudia and Madeleine are locked in an open courtyard. Armand arrives and releases Louis from the coffin, but Madeleine and Claudia are burned to death by the rising sun. Louis finds the ashen remains of Claudia and Madeleine and is devastated. He later returns to the Theatre late the following night, burning it to the ground as the sun rises and killing all the vampires inside, and leaves with Armand.

Louis and Armand then travel across Europe together for several years, but Louis never fully recovers from Claudia's death. Tired of the Old World, Louis eventually returns to America and New Orleans in the early 20th century, living as a loner; he feeds off any humans that cross his path but lives in the shadows and never creates another companion for himself.

Telling the boy of one last (which is later described in detail by Lestat in later books) encounter with Lestat in New Orleans, Louis ends his tale; after 200 years, he is weary of immortality as a vampire and all the pain and suffering to which he has had to bear witness. The boy, however, seeing only the great powers granted to a vampire, begs to be made into a vampire himself. Infuriated that his interviewer learned nothing from his story, Louis refuses, and attacks the boy, feeding off him and rendering him unconscious. He then vanishes without a trace.

Recovering from the attack, the boy notes the address of the house where Louis last saw Lestat in New Orleans, and then leaves to track down Lestat for himself.


Vmpire is a vampire novel by Anne Rice written in 1973 and published in 1976. The novel, the first to feature the enigmatic vampire Lestat, was followed by several sequels, collectively known as The Vampire Chronicles. A film version, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, was released in 1994 starring Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater and Tom Cruise~

P/S : This film was adapted by vampire novel but look at the actor and actress this movie...Brad Pitt,Tom Cruise,Antonio Banderas and Kirsten Dunst,wow.!!!Best Vampire movie ever!!!

Anak Halal (2007)


Hisham, seorang penjenayah dalam keadaan tersepit telah menyerahkan bayi lelakinya kepada Mariam, seorang perempuan gila. Penjenayah tersebut telah ditangkap dan dipenjarakan. Mariam yang gila dan hidup di jalanan membesarkan bayi tersebut Inderaputera (Putera) dalam serba kedaifan. Mereka tinggal di kawasan setinggan, berjiran dengan Bu Leha dan anak perempuannya, Johanna (Jo) seorang gadis ‘tomboy’ yang dalam diam menyukai Putera. Namun, kebahagiaan Putera bersama ibunya berakhir apabila mereka dipisahkan oleh pihak berkuasa.

Putera kemudiannya dibesarkan oleh Bu Leha yang membawa Putera dan Jo berpindah ke Kuala Lumpur dengan harapan hidup mereka akan menjadi lebih baik. Putera dan Jo membesar sebagai remaja jalanan. Putera bekerja di bengkel kereta. Manakala, Jo dan ibunya berniaga buah-buahan di Pasar Chow Kit demi sesuap nasi.

Manakala, Erzan dan Amira Atikah pula adalah antara sahabat rapat Putera dan Jo. Mereka telah terjebak dengan penggunaan najis dadah akibat tekanan dan desakan hidup. Amira Atikah yang ketagihan dadah telah melarikan diri dari rumah. Selain mengedar dan menagih dadah, Erzan yang terpaksa menanggung beban hutang tinggalan ayahnya telah menjadi buruan kuncu-kuncu Hisham. Putera begitu sedih dan marah. Putera naik berang pada Hisham dan kuncu-kuncu yang telah menjadi punca kepincangan hidup orang-orang yang disayanginya.


~Anak Halal merupakan sebuah filem yang dibintangi oleh Farid Kamil, Maya Karin dan Fasha Sandha dan diarahkan oleh Osman Ali~

P/S : Patut la filem ni best...Ye la,tengok la barisan pelakonnya plak..Slrrppp...hehe

Secret Window (2004)


Johnny Depp plays successful writer Mort Rainey, who is suffering from writer's block and has retreated to an isolated lakeside cabin in the face of a divorce from his wife, Amy (Maria Bello), following his discovery of his wife cheating on him with Ted Milner (Timothy Hutton), now her boyfriend. Upon this discovery, Mort confronted the two of them with an unloaded gun, instigating an angry dispute that, although not ending in violence, continues to trouble the three of them. Afterwards, Mort retreated to his secluded cabin, living alone in the woods. Mort is confronted one day by the mysterious John Shooter (John Turturro) who accuses him of plagiarism. Shooter gives Mort a manuscript he claims to have written.

At first, Mort regards Shooter as mentally ill and throws away the book. But his housekeeper takes it out of the garbage believing it was his and instead of throwing it away again he cannot stop thinking about it, and finally reads it. It is almost exactly alike, with different names and sentence arrangements. The movie follows Mort's struggles to prove conclusively to Shooter and to himself that he has not plagiarized the story. Shooter continually harasses Mort and later kills his dog, an Australian Cattle Dog named Chico. As the story progresses, Mort hires a private investigator (Charles S. Dutton) and asks the help of the local sheriff, who doesn't believe him. The investigator asks if there are any witnesses, and Mort remembers a local man saw them together. But Shooter then murders both the investigator and the man and leaves them in a car. Mort then pushes the car into the river, since he thinks the murders will be pinned on him. Shooter also burns down the house of Mort's soon-to-be ex-wife. Mort is convinced that Ted is the culprit responsible for the burning.

Mort eventually locates the magazine that proves he published "Secret Window" before Shooter wrote "Sowing Season." He goes to the post office, where he gets the story. But when he gets out of his car, the sheriff approaches him with a smirk asking him if he could ask a few questions. Mort then leaves. But when Mort gets the magazine, he finds that the story has been cut out. Mort's inner voice tells him that since the magazine was sent to him in a sealed UPS package, Shooter could not have tampered with it. Prompting from his own conscience leads Mort to the realization that Shooter is not real, only a figment of Mort's imagination brought so vividly to life through undetected dissociative identity disorder to personify the dark side of Mort's personality and to commit acts that Mort himself feels he could not commit (murder and arson). Through his dialogue with his imagined counterpart, he begins to realize the truth: he has lost his grip on reality as insanity has started to set in. (This scene includes the moment where Mort sees his back, instead of his front, reflected in the mirror above the mantelpiece - much like Magritte's 1937 painting La reproduction interdite.). During this revelation, his concerned wife drives up to his cabin, finding the cabin vandalized and distraught, with the word "Shooter" carved into the wood and painted on other surfaces. As she searches, she finds an almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels on a table and empty packs of Pall Mall cigarettes, presumably Shooter's favorites. Amy initially interprets the empty bottle as the reason for Mort's major shifts in personality over the past few months, mentally writing off his irritability to the alcohol. Mort finally reveals himself at the same moment that Amy sees a carving explaining that "shooter" actually means "shoot her". Mort, now wearing "Shooter's" hat, attacks and chases her, eventually wounding her badly enough to keep her from running. Ted arrives and, hearing Amy's calls for help, walks into Mort's ambush. Amy, still horrified, can only watch as Mort murders Ted with a quick blow from the shovel. Reciting "shooter's ending" he moves in and kills her as well.

Afterwards, Mort changes profoundly - his writer's block is finally over and his passion for life returns. The movie, however, ends on a rather sinister note. The local sheriff stops by Mort's cabin to warn him against shopping in town any more (as his presence is disturbing the locals) and informs Mort that he knows what he did--though he lacks proof--and notices that Mort is cooking a fresh crop of corn from his backyard garden. As he promises Mort that he'll send him to prison when they find the bodies, Mort dismisses the statement nonchalantly, and replying that "The ending is the most important part of the story. This one is very good." It is then revealed to the audience that by growing and consuming corn from the garden where his wife and her lover are buried, Mort is slowly trying to destroy all the evidence needed to incriminate him as the plants are tearing up the bodies for nutrients.


~Secret Window (2004) is a psychological thriller movie, starring Johnny Depp and John Turturro. It was written and directed by David Koepp, based on the novella Secret Window, Secret Garden by Stephen King, featuring a musical score by Philip Glass and Geoff Zanelli. The story appeared in King's collection Four Past Midnight. The film was released on March 12, 2004, by Columbia Pictures~

P/S : Oh dude..look at the end scene of this movie...Fuh...oh..so freaky,abnormal and strange..i'm cannot understand what of that...whos was is the guilty ? oh...

Die Hard 1 (1988)


On Christmas Eve, Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) of the New York City Police Department arrives in Los Angeles to reconcile with his estranged wife, Holly Gennaro (Bonnie Bedelia). McClane is driven to the Nakatomi Plaza building by a limo driver named Argyle (De'voreaux White). The company Christmas party is disrupted by the arrival of twelve terrorists led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). The terrorists cut the telephone lines, seal the building exits, and replace the building guard with one of their own. Hans and his group secure the party goers as hostages, but McClane manages to slip into the stairwell of the building. Gruber portrays himself to the police as a terrorist working towards various extremist goals, but it is revealed that they are actually trying to steal $640 million in bearer bonds from the Nakatomi vault. When Nakatomi executive Joseph Takagi (James Shigeta) refuses to reveal the code for one of the vault's seven locks, Gruber executes him. Gruber orders Theo (Clarence Gilyard Jr.), his technical expert, to break through the locks on the vault. Theo reminds Hans that the final lock is powered by circuits that cannot be cut locally. Gruber promises to handle the last lock.

McClane moves through the building, hiding from or killing the terrorists he encounters. He learns more of their motives while acquiring a two-way radio, C4 explosives, and detonators from the body of one terrorist. McClane uses the radio to attract the attention of the LAPD, who send Sergeant Al Powell (Reginald VelJohnson) to investigate. Gruber sends his men, led by Karl (Alexander Godunov), to kill McClane and retrieve the detonators. Fooled by the impostor guard, Powell is about to leave when McClane drops the corpse of a terrorist onto Powell's police car. McClane explains the situation via the two-way radio as the police, led by Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson (Paul Gleason), arrive. The police send in a SWAT team and an armored vehicle. McClane and Powell are unable to prevent the SWAT team from being ambushed, but McClane manages to kill the terrorists attacking the SWAT team. One of Holly's coworkers, Harry Ellis (Hart Bochner), tries to negotiate with Hans and McClane for the return of the detonators. McClane refuses to return them, and Hans shoots Ellis. The FBI arrive, and take control from the police. They order the power to the building shut down, which turns off vault's final lock as Gruber had intended.

Gruber lures the FBI into a trap by giving them a list of demands including a helicopter to transport his men and the hostages from the roof of the building to Los Angeles International Airport. When McClane finds Gruber working on something below the roof, Gruber pretends to be a hostage. They share a smoke and McClane gives Gruber an unloaded gun, but is forced to flee when Gruber calls the other terrorists. As Gruber orders the hostages to the roof he learns from a TV report that Holly is McClane's wife and takes her hostage. Before McClane can warn anyone about the explosives on the roof he is stopped by Karl. McClane subdues Karl by hanging him by the neck with a chain. McClane scares the hostages away from the roof by shooting a gun into the air. The FBI mistakes him for a terrorist and shoots at him, forcing him to jump off the roof tethered to a fire hose just before the terrorists detonate the C4. He re-enters the building via an office window, making his way to Gruber, who uses Holly as a human shield. McClane pretends to surrender and shoots Hans and the final terrorist after they are distracted. Gruber crashes through a window and grabs Holly's wrist, hanging on to her watch. McClane is able to release the watch, catching Holly while Gruber falls to his death.

McClane and Holly are escorted from the building, meeting Powell in person. Karl's body is brought out on a stretcher when he rises up with a gun and points it at McClane. Karl is shot by Powell before he can open fire, and Argyle comes crashing out the parking garage in the limo, after having detained Theo attempting to escape with the bonds. John and Holly are driven off by Argyle, their relationship renewed by their experiences.


~Die Hard is a 1988 action film and the first in the Die Hard film series. The film was directed by John McTiernan and written by Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza. It is based on a 1979 novel by Roderick Thorp titled Nothing Lasts Forever, itself a sequel to the book The Detective, which was previously made into a 1968 film starring Frank Sinatra. The film was produced by Lawrence and Charles Gordon, along with Joel Silver.It stars Bruce Willis as NYPD officer John McClane and Alan Rickman as terrorist thief Hans Gruber~

P/S : Actually, there's a Trilogy on this film like Die hard 2, Die hard with Vengeance and Die hard 4.0 but this first trilogy(Die hard 1) is much more better and best than other this trilogy film.Bruce Wills is cool actor and with this film is making so cool with his acting.

Enemy At The Gates (2001)


Stalingrad, 1942. The German invasion of the Soviet Union has reached the city of Stalingrad, which has been reduced to rubble. Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law), a poorly educated peasant from the Urals who volunteered for the Red Army, manages to survive a suicidal charge without a weapon against the German front lines and the NKVD machine gunners shooting survivors who tried to retreat. Acquiring a rifle, Zaitsev — an expert marksman due to hunting for almost his entire life — manages to kill five Germans with the only five bullets he has, impressing a witnessing political commissar, Danilov (Joseph Fiennes). Writing an account of Zaitsev's achievement in the military newspaper, Danilov manages to inspire the people of the Soviet Union to renew their efforts against the German invaders, and Zaitsev becomes a national hero and propaganda icon.

The bond between the two men is to be tested, as both have fallen in love with Tania (Rachel Weisz), a citizen of the city who has volunteered in the local militia. To counter the highly effective Soviet snipers, Major Erwin König (Ed Harris), the top sniper in the German army, is assigned to seek out and eliminate Zaitsev. König had come to Stalingrad partly because his son was killed there.


*Enemy at the Gates is a 2001 war film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, starring Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes and Ed Harris set during the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II.

P/S : Best english movie war film for me !!! Honour,Love and Suspensions about one war make this film so perfect for me in war movies...