David Rice, a 15-year-old student in Ann Arbor, Michigan, lives with his alcoholic father, William, since his mother, Mary, left when he was five. After falling into a frozen river while recovering a snow globe for Millie, a girl he likes, David discovers he has the ability to "jump", after teleporting to a library. He leaves his father and with the ability to teleport anywhere he has seen before, he moves to New York where he uses his power to rob a bank.

Eight years later, David lives a luxurious life from his penthouse apartment, its walls covered with pictures of places around the world which he "jumps" to. However, a lead from his first bank robbery exposes David to Roland Cox, a "Paladin", a member of a secret society dedicated to killing Jumpers, who know of his ability and have the technology to disable him. However, as Roland believes someone is protecting David, he hesitates before killing him, and David escapes.

David returns to Ann Arbor to find his high school nemesis Mark recognizes him and he and David get into a fight. David teleports Mark to the bank vault in New York City, and returns. He invites Millie to join him on a trip to Rome, which she accepts. Millie is suspicious of all this money that David appears to have and asks him not to lie to her. The next day David uses his abilities to gain them access to the closed Colosseum, but runs into another Jumper, Griffin, who has been watching David for some time. Griffin explains that his flagrant jumping has attracted attention, and two Paladins appear. The ensuing battle displays both Griffin's jumping talent and the hunters' ability to sense jumps; Griffin kills them both. David is caught by the police and arrested. He is unable to jump away, due the fact that they would learn of his ability. Mary shortly arrives and helps David get free, but does not give David any time to ask questions. David finds Millie, who is highly suspicious of David's behavior, but he does not reveal his jumping ability, and puts her aboard a plane back home while David visits Griffin for further investigation. At Griffin's desert lair, Griffin explains about the Paladins, and tells him how he has been on a mission to kill them for their attempts at trying to kill him. Griffin then tells David to leave him alone. Griffin then makes a series of jumps with David following him until Griffin decides to work with him.

David, realizing that the Paladins will go after his father and Millie in order to get to him, jumps back to Ann Arbor to find his father murdered. Roland connected the appearance of Mark in the bank vault to David. David jumps to Millie's apartment to find that Roland and his team are just arriving. Before Roland can react, David grabs Millie and returns the two of them to Griffin's lair.

Griffin, who has been arming himself to fight Roland, is furious with David, because the Paladins have a device that permits them to reopen and traverse the short-lived "jump scar" wake left by a Jumper's teleportation—David has just led Roland right to Griffin's lair. A battle ensues between the Jumpers and Paladins, but Griffin is able to drive the Paladins back to Millie's apartment with a flame thrower, though they grab Millie through the scar before it closes. Griffin plans to teleport a bomb to the apartment, but David tries to stop him to save Millie; the two begin a world-spanning fight, but David eventually traps Griffin in a downed pylon in the middle of a firefight in Chechnya, leaving Griffin's fate unknown.

David jumps to Millie's apartment and is caught by the Paladins. Risking his life, David manages to teleport a section of the apartment to the river where he almost drowned years before, including Millie and Roland, but falls unconscious in the process. However, they are then teleported to the library where David made his first jump. David recovers first, grabs Roland and teleports him to a cave high above the Grand Canyon at Horseshoe Bend. Sometime later, David and Millie travel to Mary's home, and David learns that Mary is a Paladin. She left to avoid having to kill her own son when David was five when he made his first jump. David and Millie then jump to an unknown location.

Jumper is a 2008 American science fiction film from 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises. It is loosely based on the 1992 science fiction novel of the same name by Steven Gould. The film is directed by Doug Liman, director of The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and stars Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson, Max Thieriot, AnnaSophia Robb, and Diane Lane. The film follows a person capable of teleporting to any location as he is chased by a secret group intent on killing him.

The script went through a rewrite prior to filming and the roles for the main characters were changed during production. Jumper was filmed in 20 cities in 14 countries between 2006 and 2007. The film was released on February 14, 2008 and a soundtrack was released on February 19. The film held the first position in its opening weekend with $27.3 million, despite mostly negative reviews. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes recorded a 16% approval rating and 35/100 on Metacritic. Several novels were developed as tie-ins to the film along with a video game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Wii consoles, named Jumper: Griffin's Story. The DVD was released on June 10, 2008, and both Christensen and Liman have spoken of one or more sequels.

P/S : Love Hayden Christensen acting...


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